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Special Diet

A special diet relates to restrictive foods that a person eats regularly. They may choose such a new way of eating for the purpose of losing weight, maintaining or improving their health or for medical reasons. The word diet comes from the Greek word diaita, which means “way of life”. So when a person considers changing the foods they eat they are actually considering a way of life change. Fad and trending diets tend to have the same typical promises of rapid weight loss, improved gut health, lower risk of diabetes and better heart health to name a few. Finding which one best suits you will take some trial and error. No matter which one you choose, success comes from proper meal planning, guidance and perseverance.

Special Diet Fads

Fad diets are like hunger pangs, they come in waves. These fads appear quickly, have a large following, then you don’t hear about them any more shortly thereafter. In a nut shell, these types of diets are short-lived. Such examples would be Alkaline, Atkins, South Beach and Dukan. An easy way to spot a fad diet is by their quick fix promises, magic food combinations or rigid rules. While some of these have foundations in healthy practices they don’t have staying power. This is because they either didn’t have the promised results, were too risky to take on or there are no research to back up its promises.

Trending Diets

These kinds of diets gain momentum and popularity over time. They are considered to have staying power and more likely to solve a problem. Some diets start off as a trend but over time prove to deliver everything they promise. Trending diets include, vegan, LOWFODMAP, Mediterranean and DASH to name a few. Presently, Ketogenic is the number one trending diet that promises and delivers on its results.

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