Energy Boosting Smoothie Recipes


If you are desiring to loose weight or feel you need a pick me up try our delicious recipes from our Energy Boosting Smoothie book.  This collection of 12 recipes are designed to provide the highest amount of nutrition while giving you an additional boost of energy throughout the day.


Having a smoothie a day is a great way to consume more fiber a day and boost energy levels.  A simple blend of fruit, vegetables with a liquid base of either milk, yogurt or water is all you need to make this wonderful drink.  They are a great option for picky eaters and active teens.  Alternatively, they are fantastic as a meal replacement.  Kids love them and they often have no idea what beneficial fruits and vegetables were included!  With the unique combinations of produce, this will help to keep your weight down and energy levels up.

A Smoothie for Energy

Using a combination of fruit and vegetables in any smoothie will help keep the sugar content of a homemade smoothie low.  When sugar enters our body without the fiber it causes spikes in our blood sugar levels. These spikes cause our energy levels to fluctuate throughout the day.  Therefore, when you consume a smoothie your blood sugar levels don’t spike because the fibrous content remains.   Using whole foods not only keep you satiated they also boost your energy levels.

First, choose low sugar content fruits like berries, peaches, apricots, citrus fruits, kiwi or avocado.  Secondly, combine them with leafy greens like spinach or kale.  Alternatively, you can use cucumber or celery for added nutritional boost.  Also, keep in mind berry smoothies are even more potent.  Therefore, any smoothie with berries have high antioxidants present, which go a long way to keeping certain diseases at away.

Energy Boosting Smoothie Combinations included in the recipe book are:

  • Banana Cinnamon
  • Blueberry Detox
  • Blueberry Energy
  • Detox Greens
  • Glowing Green Mango Energy


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