Nutrition Consulting Services

About Your Coach

Hi there! My name is Nea, a certified nutrition coach, and I’m here to help you live a healthier life beginning today.

My passion is cooking and baking for friends and family but also have a love and appreciation for health and nutrition. I believe that maintaining a healthy lifestyle starts with consuming healthy foods. Secondly, its important to get active. I enjoy swimming, walking, hiking and toning workouts.

I am the owner and writer of a healthy cooking, baking and nutrition consulting services blog that shares with you all things nutrition. Whether I am encouraging you to try a healthier version of classic recipes to make at home or to indulge in healthy versions of Bermudian favorites, or just sharing health related tips and information it is my goal to show you that cooking can be healthy and delicious. You will find recipes, health and wellness information, beauty tips and so much more.

Did you know that on the path to a healthier and happier life simply changing eating habits doesn’t really work? Modifying behaviors goes hand in hand when trying to achieve nutrition goals.

Nutrition Consulting Services Can Help:

  • change what you think of food
  • define your attitude toward foods
  • eat healthier by providing healthy food options
  • apply changes to your life and health situations that are practical, safe and easy to follow.
  • change how you view food in your life
  • help you achieve your weight loss goals
  • navigate the abundance of resources available including providing facts and knowledge about nutrition.