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Get More Life Saving Vitamin D

life saving vitamin D

Vitamin D is a life saving vitamin of which your body needs plenty of for normal growth and development. Equally important as iron and vitamin C is for our bodies. One of the most important things you can do is to improve your daily intake of this life saver vitamin. it main function is the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorus to support the hardening of bones and teeth. This is a nutrient that cuts your risk of cancer, osteoporosis and arthritis by 67% all while lowering your risk of Type II diabetes.

Vitamin D is a water soluble along with vitamins, A, E and K. This means that these vitamins dissolve in fats and lipids which allows them easy passage through a cell membrane. They can also be stored in large amounts in body fat and the liver. Digestion of the fat soluble requires adequate fats to be present in the diet. If you follow a low fat or low calorie diet then you must ensure you are absorbing enough to avoid deficiency. Deficiencies include rickets in small children, soft bones, bowed legs, unhealthy teeth, skeletal deformities, loss of bone density in elderly with increased fractures.

Follow the different ways below on how to effectively increase your intake of vitamin D.

Choose More Sunshine

Simply spending 20 minutes outside in the sun increases your absoportion of the vitamin. It is the sun that helps the body to make its own source of the vintamin using the natural oils in our skin. However, it takes a couple of hours before our skin fully absorbs the newly made vitamin D. To maximize absorption of the life saver into your skin tissues wait at least an house before washing.

Take Vitamin D Supplements

Although natural is best, taking a supplement can work just as well. To better absorb the supplement better try the oil-based brands. Alternatively you can take it with nut, eggs, cheese or butter to increase absorption. Consuming this life saver as a supplement can easily lead to overdosing. Toxicity symptoms include calcium build up in soft tissues, irreversible cardiovascular and kidney diseases, Any amount over 100mcg of vitamin D is toxic. therefore taking both the supplement and sunlight together can cause risk of toxicity.

Include Dietary Sources in Meals

Dietary sources of salmon, tuna, butter, cream, eggs, shrimp are rich in vitamin D. Some foods come fortified with the vitamin like milk and cereals. If you don’t go outside in the sun much then you must increase your dietary sources of the vitamin. Be mindful of how you cook these foods. Choosing different methods of cooking that won’t destroy vitamin D content is best. Sautéing, broiling or poaching good methods to try.

Probiotics Help Absorb Vitamin D

Did you know that increasing healthy gut bacteria with probiotics increases the absorption of Vitamin D? Probiotics help to reduce the side effects like bloating and cramping of eating cheese, milk and eggs.

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