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Healthy Eating Habits

healthy eating

Adopting healthy eating habits is not as hard as you may think. I guess the real question is how can you incorporate healthier eating habits into your daily meals? To eat healthier you may need to change some daily habits and or environments. make major changes or even stress about adopting them all at once. Instead try something new twice a week and over time you will notice positive changes to your health. Eating a healthy diet is effective for your overall well being.

Try These Healthy Eating Habits

  1. Try to add healthy options to each meal when you are at home or work. Simply by adding more fruits, vegetables, whole grain products goes a long way to reaching your daily recommended intake of the same.
  2. Eat one meal a day sitting at the dinner table with family or friends. This will help you to focus more on eating and help you to slow down your chewing as well. Enjoy your meals, eating them slowly, savoring each bite. The slower you eat the better your digestion. Eating fast increases bloating, gas and other digestive issues.
  3. Pack healthy snacks for kids and yourself. These can include high protein, fruits or cheese or dried fruits. This way you can control what you eat and when you eat. It is important to eat regularly to avoid binging. Don’t skip meals either, save for fasting. Sometimes we think if we avoid eating we will shed weight. This may happen eventually but first your body will think there is a famine and react the opposite to what you want to achieve. To avoid this don’t ignore hunger pangs.
  4. Another healthy habit is to drink water at each meal and through out the day. Reduce juices and other high sugar content drinks to once a day.
  5. Prepare most, if not all, of your meals and snacks yourself. Seems like a bit task but it will be a healthy habit that you would immediately benefit from. This way not only will you have complete control over what you eat, and what its ingredients are, but you will also be able to manage how much you eat in one sitting. Use healthier oils to add nutritional benefits.
  6. In effort to encourage healthy eating habits, reduce overspending at the grocery store, by planning your weekly meals. This way you can cross reference with the ingredients you already have and only purchase what you need for the meals. Make sure those meals include plenty of soluble fiber, protein all while reducing refined carbs.
  7. Most importantly, find a physical activity you enjoy and do it at least 30 min per day. This will reduce stress, help you get deep restful sleep, and help you to focus and concentrate better.

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