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Rejuvenate Your Brain with Indian Spices

Indian spices

Indian spices blend is a spicy way to add flavor to your meals. This ethnic blend hails from the tropical continent of India. This ethnic spice blend includes curry, ginger, cardamom, cumin seeds, turmeric and cinnamon and using these will add richness to your food. Create your own combinations of the spices to add flavor to bland food.

Not only is this spice blend beneficial to your body it has properties that are good for your brain. Did you know that India has the lowest rates of Alzheimer’s and dementia in the world? Some researched believe it is a result of their seasoned diet. The aromatic spice blend brings a host of benefits to your brain.

Indian Spice – Curry

Did you know that curry repairs and regrows brain cells? This very popular seasoning is made with turmeric. Turmeric is very effective in preventing Alzheimer’s disease. The phenolic compounds in the spice, reduces inflammation in the brain that caused by the disease. Simultaneously, the other compounds of the spice repair neuron damage in the brain and help create new ones. To bolster your brain try adding 2 tsp turmeric to your food.

Ginger Keeps you Focused

As we age we tend to battle brain fog and fatigue more frequently. Ginger is ideal to perk you up and improve your focus. The active property in the spice, gingerol increases blood and oxygen to your brain and calms stressed adrenal glands. A good way to add ginger to your diet is to include it in your tea or food. Ginger is known as an expectorant which makes it a fantastic detox. Then combine it with turmeric for even more nutritional value.

Indian Spices – Cardamom

Most of the aroma and flavor of Indian spices comes from the seeds. Use the seeds in a variety of dishes. It boasts a warm flavor and aroma that is not too spicy, however, if you use too much it can be overpowering. The black seeds offer antioxidant and diuretic properties which can lower blood pressure over time. Its anti-inflammatory effects can protect from chronic disease. Use this spice in sweet and savory dishes.


A Indian spices blend is not complete without cinnamon. Use it in sweet and savory meals including hot and cold cereals, cinnamon adding the perfect sweetness to any dish. Cinnamon can be purchased in stick form or ground up. It is known to relieve digestive discomfort, reduce blood pressure, lower blood sugar and risk of type 2 diabetes.

Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds provide an earthy flavor. They contain natural substances that works as antioxidants and anti-cancer properties. The roasted seed can lower cholesterol and help in losing weight. Interesting fact, cumin seeds fight bacteria and parasites present in the body.

Use Indian spice blend liberally in your cooking. Step outside the box and add curry powder to your mashed potatoes or turmeric to your rice and cinnamon to your pumpkin. One good thing about this is that the Indian spices are readily available at your supermarket so that should help ease stress of trying to find the ingredients.

Routine weeknight dinners come to life with spices and herbs. Not only do they bring ethnic flavors they boost overall health and increase nutritional value of your food.

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