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How to Keep a Clean Kitchen

clean kitchen

Keeping a clean kitchen is a daily job that will benefit you and your family. Food is delicious and we want to keep it healthy and free from harmful bacteria. Bacteria that can causes illness can survive in many places around our kitchens. Therefore, it is crucial to wash your hands often and keep clean surfaces to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Cross contamination is one of the biggest causes of food borne illnesses. To reduce the risk of cross contamination have several color coded cutting boards to use. Different foods require a different cutting board. For example, have one for produce and another for meat. This will dramatically reduce risks of contacting food poisonings.

Practicing clean hygiene in the kitchen is paramount. Food prep areas should be well lit and ventilated. Sinks, drains, traps and overflows must be kept clean. Once a month clean shelves, cupboards and drawers. Frequent clearing of trash will prevent smells and infestation of flies. Apply the following tips to keep a clean kitchen:

Kitchen Clean Surfaces

  • Use hot soapy water to clean surfaces, cutting board before and after meal preparation to remove dirt and debris
  • Remember to wipe down all kitchen appliances, countertops, utensils to prevent cross contamination
  • Keep your refrigerator clean by wiping up spills immediately with hot soapy water.
  • Utilize a dishwasher for sterilizing or a solution of mixed water and bleach to sanitize
  • Adopt a clean as you go policy
  • Wash trash cans and food waste bins often to reduce to prevent pests
  • Wipe down tile backsplashes and sanitize

Cleaning of Cutting Manual Equipment

  • First, ensure the equipment is off before dismantling
  • Secondly, follow cleaning procedures from manual and use correct cleaning materials and solutions
  • Next, after cleaning dry with paper towels and store correctly
  • Lastly, sanitize the surface around the machine
  • For gas equipment turn off all taps that supply fuel to the appliance, then clean thoroughly with hot detergent water
  • Thoroughly clean grill bars by scrubbing or scraping the bars clean

Cleaning of Electric Kitchen Equipment:

  • First, ensure machine is off and plug removed
  • Next, remove any particles of food with a cloth, knife, brush etc.
  • Then thoroughly clean with hot detergent water all removable and fixed parts
  • Lastly, rinse thoroughly, dry and re-assemble, replace guards
  • Air fryers should be turned off and once the oil has cooled drain off and clean interior by wiping clean

Clean kitchen- Food Prep Areas, Hygiene and Equipment

  • Maintain all food surfaces in a clean kitchen by daily washing and sanitizing
  • Dispose of all trash and food waste correctly and make sure that containers are clean and ready for use
  • Maintain, clean and reassemble all equipment and utensils. Replace cutting boards and wooden utensils often.
  • Store equipment and utensils properly after use

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