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Slimming Benefits of Dried Fruits

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Benefits of dried fruits make them a great addition to any meal. Did you know that dried fruits are often more healthier than fresh versions? This is due to higher concentration of nutrients that retain in the fruit during the drying process. There are many benefits of dried fruits that can keep us looking younger. Dried fruits can keep your body free of arthritis, and Alzheimer’s diseases. One of the secrets to living longer is consuming healthy dry fruits in the winter and fresh in the summer. This way you will be able to eat fruit every day as a part of your healthy diet. As long as every meal contains some form of produce you are on your way to more healthier body.

Trim your waistline with dry healthy fruit. Dried fruits generally contain more fiber which in turn helps aid digestion, improve blood flow and reduce anxiety and aids weight loss. Some ideas of these dry fruit delights include:

Benefits of Dried Fruit Options:

Apricots – Did you know that these little golden healthy dry fruits contain an age-proofing amino acid that helps ward off wrinkles and hair loss? They raise your body’s level of detoxifying enzymes which help make your cells younger. They can also help digestive issues and provide dietary fiber helping you stay fuller longer. Dried apricots are rich in potassium which in turn reduces the levels of sodium in ones blood stream. Therefore persons who suffer from hypertension, high blood pressure or even blood sugar spikes would benefit greatly from eating them. If you are able to get your hands on apricot oil that was produced by pressing the kernels you can apply this directly to your skin to promote glowing skin cells.

Cherries – who would have known that these healthy dry fruits would alleviate muscle pain and sore joints! Did you know that tart dried cherries contain more anti-inflammatory compounds than any other food in nature? They even slash uric acid levels! Lower acid levels reduce painful gout symptoms. Having trouble falling asleep at night? You can eat about 20-30 of these healthy dried fruits about an hour before bedtime. The melatonin found in the fruit will help you get a good restful sleep. Its rich color is a great source of beta-carotene which is responsible for preventing cell degeneration. This makes this healthy dry fruit ideal for fighting cancer cells found in the body.

Golden Raisins – Snack on these golden raisins daily for a powerful antioxidant punch. During the drying process green grapes gain more disease fighting nutrients than darker versions. That is one benefit of this healthy dry fruit., they are protect the eyes from vision related problems. Dried fruits such as golden raisins, build and maintain strong bones, protect your teeth from decay and are fibrous.

Benefits of Berries

Goji Berries – provide more immunity fortifying iron per ounce than spinach! These healthy dry fruits even boast five times more vitamin C than an orange! Healthy dry fruits such as goji berries enhance the immune system with anti-inflammatory compounds that destroy flu and cold like symptoms. Challenge yourself to consume at least a handful of these dried fruits daily for one month to triple immunity defender cells.

Mulberries – These sweet dried fruits can ward of weigh gain, thanks to their reserves of resveratrol. Resveratrol is also in red wine which gives a slimming effect. Mulberries are more fibrous than any other berry. The fibrous content found in these healthy dry fruits that maintain good blood sugar levels. Dried fruits like mulberries can increase metabolism which as a result facilitates weight loss. For a unique switch up try dried mulberries in hot cross buns or scones. Despite their low sugar content these healthy dry fruits are sweet.

These are just some of the benefits of making dried fruits a part of your daily diet. Not only will you maintain healthy weight and glowing skin but your body would feel and look much younger as the years pass by.

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