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Cabana Thyme Nutrition believes that healthy food is also delicious food. A nutritious diet starts with nutrition knowledge. Here you will learn how to eat better, flavorful meals, and find that cooking can be both healthy and delicious. Whether you are cooking, baking or eating we will share with you all things nutrition. Try our healthy twists to classic and Bermudian recipes.

It is our mission to help you understand that food isn’t just meant to be eaten. Instead its meant to be enjoyed, savored and memorable. It is an entire culinary experience from conception to digestion. Learn which oils to use to provide the right amount of healthy fat flavor to your food. Gain a better understanding of which cooking method is less toxic to the body. Discover which foods provide the best source nutrition your body needs and the ones to avoid.

Finding it difficult to know which foods to eat because of your restrictive diet? Cabana Thyme Nutrition provides an extensive collection of special diet recipes, inclusive of shopping lists. We can even customize a recipe book to suit your special diet. In addition to that, healthy recipes and health tips are readily available so you can stay on track to a healthier you.

Whole foods for a healthier you

Nutritious Food Information

Our services will help you change what you think of food by educating you on nutritious information while offering healthier food options and meal ideas. We also will teach you how to plan and prepare meals, that are superfood based in order to get the most nutritional value from each bite. Did you know you can increase the nutrition content of a meal if you just add produce? Learn about this and many more tips to eat healthy.

Cooking better means that you have accepted and adopted better eating habits and ingredients into your meal planning and cooking process. Based on availability in your local area you can learn how to cook one of our tasty recipes or learn how to make better choices when it comes to eating healthy food. Did you know that including dried fruits to your diet can increase your slimming potential?

It is our mission to ensure that you will never be bored in the kitchen, no matter what diet you are on. Your taste buds will thank you!

Featured Recipe

Codfish Cakes

Considering Adopting a Plant Based Diet?

Plant based diets are becoming more and more popular these days. There seems to be a great push towards changing from meat based diets toward a plant based one. This is likely due to the fact that such a diet will effectively lower body weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and cost effective. Overall this diet […]

6 Tips for Effective Meal Planning

Effective meal planning starts with a plan, recipe ideas and organization. It can be stressful to have to work all day long then come home and try to figure out what is for dinner. This is an overwhelming feeling and can create stress just trying to figure out where to start. Essentially this is a […]

Why do we need Vitamin K?

Vitamin K benefits the body in many ways. Most importantly it aids our bodies in blood clotting and coagulation. Prothrombin is a protein that is produced from vitamin K and plays a major role in blood clotting. This means when we cut ourselves prothrombin prevents us from bleeding to death. So it is important that […]

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