Healthy Food is Delicious

Cabana Thyme Nutrition believes that healthy food is also delicious food. A nutritious diet starts with nutrition knowledge. Here you will learn how to eat better, flavorful meals, and find that cooking can be both healthy and delicious. Whether your cooking, baking or eating we will share with you all things nutrition. Try our healthy twists to classic recipes as well as our Bermudian favorite dishes.

It is our goal here at Cabana Thyme to help you understand that food isn’t just meant to be eaten but enjoyed, savored and memorable. It is an entire culinary experience from conception to digestion. Learn which oils to use and which cooking method is ideal to provide the right amount of fat flavor to your dish. You will find recipes, health and wellness information as well as beauty tips and courses.

Nutritious Food Information

Our services will help you change what you think of food by educating you on nutritious information while offering healthier food options and meal ideas. We also will help you learn how to quickly prepare meals, that are not only nutritious food based but are also designed to get the most nutrition from each bite. Did you know you can increase the nutrition content to a meal if you just add produce?

Cooking better means that you have accepted and adopted better eating habits and ingredients into your meal planning and cooking process. Based on availability in your local area you can learn how to cook one of our tasty recipes or learn how to make better choices when it comes to eating healthy food. Did you know that including dried fruits to your diet can increase your slimming potential?

It is our guarantee that you will never be bored in the kitchen and your taste buds will thank you!

moist banana bread

Featured Recipe

Bermudian Banana Bread

Reverse Aging with Cloves

There are many health benefits of clove spice that will surprise you. The same nail looking spice used in baking have powers to reverse ageing. This is due to the fact that cloves are full of anti-inflammatory and antioxidants known to heal damaged cells. As a result, cloves are a powerful defense against Alzheimer’s, cancerContinue reading “Reverse Aging with Cloves”

protein packed eggs

Improve Good Cholesterol with Eggs

Eggs are loaded with 13 essential vitamins and minerals we need daily. They are low in calories but high in protein. Eating them doesn’t raise your cholesterol or spike your blood glucose. As a matter of fact, they help increase good cholesterol levels which can reduce heart health risks. Eggs contain dietary cholesterol and canContinue reading “Improve Good Cholesterol with Eggs”

antioxidant rich mushrooms

Protect Your Cells with Antioxidants

Antioxidants are extremely beneficial to our bodies. They are chemicals that help the body eliminate free radicles. Essentially they are the by-products of metabolism and other bodily processes. Therefore our bodies produce this naturally. On a daily basis, our bodies are constantly fighting off diseases, infections and harmful toxins. These toxins cause free radicles whichContinue reading “Protect Your Cells with Antioxidants”

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